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The Delta Force Cardiff paintball centre is a premier centre in Wales located just off the M4 and set in spectacular woodland, providing players from Cardiff and Swansea with a fun and exciting experience.

We take care of everything. We program your day and look after you throughout to make sure you get the very most out of the whole experience. The most paintball for your money.

We’ve gone all out on our paintball games. Step into a world of action and adventure on Space Warz, Tomb Raider, Black Hawk Down and many more. A Replica Imperial Shuttle, ancient pyramids and downed helicopters – we’ve got it all.

We want to make sure you look great, can move freely and shoot at will and stay safe throughout the paintballing day. Suit up in our combat uniform complete with full protection. Arm yourself with the latest replica M16 paintball gun. You’re good to go!

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